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Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Taproom & Cuisine

A visit to the brewery taproom will also be a culinary experience. Take in the atmosphere of the old brewing hall, where beer was already being brewed during the Renaissance. What could be better than traditional Czech cuisine and Craft beer right under the brew hall chimney!

Book a table Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Don’t expect the usual tablecloth and waiting staff. Here you are in the countryside, visiting a technical monument. Our approach is friendly and informal, you should feel right at home. And when the weather allows, enjoy the magical evening atmosphere in the brewery garden.

Naturally, our dishes are inspired by Czech brewing tradition. Our food is based on a simple menu of fresh dishes, all prepared with locally sourced ingredients. You can try fresh sheep and goat cheeses from animals fed on our spent grain. Fresh herbs from our herb garden, vegetables from local farms, trout from a nearby fish farm, and the famous regional Mšeno yeast bread.

Quality beer depends not only on an experienced brewer, but also a good innkeeper. Our craft beer is treated with care. Professionalism, custom-made beer taps, clean pipes and beer mugs chilled in water are a guarantee of quality. Six taps offer a taste tour of the best from Lobeč, whether it’s a classic light lager, a dark beer, or a modern aromatic ale.

We also offer fresh, locally made pies, our own crackling pancakes made with spent grain, our own homemade herbal syrups, and our brewery brandy distilled from Lobeč IPA. You can also try locally pressed fruit juices, and a wide selection of organic teas.

Both cash and card payments are accepted in the taproom. Wi-Fi is also available inside. Underfloor heating keeps the taproom at a comfortable temperature, even on the coldest of days. Parking is available in both the upper and lower parking areas.

The taproom serves as a brewery shop, where you can not only buy a wide selection of our beers, but also brewery souvenirs, glasses, T-shirts, and collector’s items.

Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Opening hours

May, June, September, October:
Friday: 11.0 am - 9.0 pm
Saturday: 11.0 am - 9.0 pm
Sunday: 11.0 am - 6.0 pm
July, August:
Wednesday: 11.0 am - 8.0 pm
Thursday: 11.0 am - 8.0 pm
Friday: 11.0 am - 9.0 pm
Saturday: 11.0 am - 9.0 pm
Sunday: 11.0 am - 8.0 pm
November, December (until 11.12.2022), March, April:
Friday: 3.0 pm - 9.0 pm
Saturday: 11.0 am - 9.0 pm
Sunday: 11.0 am - 5.0 pm
Bottle beer can be sold outside opening hours
by prior telephone arrangement (+420 775 314 719)
December (from 17.12.2022), January, February:
Bar and kitchen closed, but the sale of bottled beer was maintained.
Saturday: 1.0 pm - 4.0 pm
Sunday: 1.0 pm - 4.0 pm

Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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The ideal way to get to Lobeč for a beer, and get to know Kokořínsko better, is by bike or on foot. The “Blue” hiking trail from Mšeno (with its art-deco swimming pool) passes through the Lobeč Village Monument Zone, continuing through the beautiful landscape and forests to Nosálov (village monument reserve), and the lookout tower on Vrátenská Mountain (a dominant feature of the Kokořín region, 508 m above sea level) and on to Houska Castle. You can also travel to Lobeč by bike, for example, from Kokořínský důl (Pokličky and Kokořín Castle) along cycling route no. 0008. Other attractions in the area are the sandstone rock maze near Romanov (7 km), Bezděz Castle (13 km), Houska Castle (13 km), the village monument reserve Žďár (8 km), Mácha Lake (16 km) and in general the Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko and Mácha Region.


You can reach us by car on the 3rd class road “Mšeno - Doksy” via Mšeno (from Mělník, D8 Highway) or from Doksy. Additionally, from Mladá Boleslav or Benátky n. J. (D10) through the villages of Bezno and Vrátno. You can park in any of the three parking areas right next to the brewery.

Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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