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Předchozí pivo - Pivovar Lobeč
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Gruit - Pivovar Lobeč


13° Gruit

This mysterious “Thirteen” take us back to ancient times, when beer was not yet dominated by hops.

Kde ochutnat


  • 13% EPM
  • 5,6% VOL
  • 33 IBU
Gruit - Pivovar Lobeč

Gruit, based on our own recipe, is brewed in Lobeč once a year at the beginning of autumn. We collect the herbs ourselves in July in the Kokořín Valley and dry them in the brewery's malt store loft. The colour of the beer is mahogany. The aroma and taste are dominated by caramel and herbs, with light tones of fruit (raisins, cherries, strawberries) and spices. Low bite, medium to slightly higher body fullness. The bitterness is lower, the aftertaste is longer.

Ingredients: Kokořín Water, Malted Barleys, Malted Wheat, Hops, Kokořín Herbs
Bottles: .75L glass bottles with crown cork, 1.0L PET bottle
Beer category: Top-Fermented Dark Beer Strong, Non-filtered, Unpasteurized
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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