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Weisse - Pivovar Lobeč


9° Berliner Weisse - Kyseláč

This unusual, light “Weisse” beer, a Berlin specialty, brewed with more than 50% malted wheat, used to be called the "Champagne of the North".

Kde ochutnat


  • 9% EPM
  • 3,8% VOL
  • 4 IBU
Weisse - Pivovar Lobeč

Brewed in a single batch every year as a thirst quencher for hot, summer days, with the unique use of lactic acid bacteria, which leave a strong, natural acidity in the beer. The beer then matures with Kokořín sloe berries, which we collect ourselves locally. It has a straw color with a light shade of rosé, a medium bite and white foam. The aroma is dominated by fruit with spicy tones of blackthorn (sloe) stones. The taste is slightly bready, sharply tart, lemon sour, spicy and refreshing. Bitterness completely reduced. In the aftertaste, the acidity compliments the ester tones of blackthorn and lemon.

Ingredients: Kokořín Water, Malted Barleys, Malted Wheat, Hops, Kokořín Sloe/Blackthornberries
Bottles: .75L glass bottles with crown cork
Beer category: Top-Fermented Light Beer Draught, Non-filtered, Unpasteurized
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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