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Wit - Pivovar Lobeč


11° Belgian Witbier

The Flemish “White” Beer, traditionally brewed at home by villagers from around the towns of Leuven and Hoegaarden, and reminiscent of Czech beers of the past.

Kde ochutnat


  • 11% EPM
  • 4,8% VOL
  • 11 IBU
Wit - Pivovar Lobeč

This is a very refreshing wheat beer, which is why we brew it for warm days. The colour is light straw, cloudy. Smells of bitter orange, coriander, malt and slightly grainy. It has a medium taste, medium fullness, in taste and aftertaste it is grainy, malty, sour, with tones of bitter orange and coriander.

Ingredients: Kokořín Water, Malted Barleys, Malted Wheat, Hops, Coriander, Orange Peel
Bottles: .75L glass bottles with crown cork, 1.5L PET bottle
Beer category: Top-Fermented Light Beer Full, Non-filtered, Unpasteurized
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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