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Předchozí pivo - Pivovar Lobeč
Další pivo - Pivovar Lobeč
Wild Berry - Pivovar Lobeč

Wild Berry

12° Lambic - Style Fruit

A quirky Wild Beer from the Kokořín region, inspired by Belgian Lambics, with added wild forest berry juice.

Kde ochutnat


  • 12% EPM
  • 4,8% VOL
  • 8 IBU
Wild Berry - Pivovar Lobeč

The foundation for this beer is our “Wild” beer. A special mixture of wild Belgian yeasts, of the genus “Brettanomyces”, and bacteria, takes us back to the era of spontaneous fermentation in open cellar-vats, in an environment with a rich microflora. The beer is clear, has a light-straw colour with a light pink tinge. The flavour profile of the beer has a strong acidity and is full of various fruit tones, spices, hay, and the rare, sour smell of horse saddle. We do not recommend storing this flavored beer due to the sugar content from the added fruit.

Ingredients: Kokořín Water, Malted Barleys, Malted and Unmalted Wheat, Hops, Berry Juice
Bottles: .75L glass bottles with a champagne cork
Beer category: Spontaneously Fermented Flavoured Light Beer Full, Non-filtered, Unpasteurized, Vintage
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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