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Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Brewery tour

Take a guided tour of Lobeč Steam-Powered Brewery. Get to know the story of the rescue of the brewery and the 500-year brewing tradition here in the Kokořínsko region.

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Entrance fee

Czech language: 150 CZK (without beer tasting) 75 mins. / 250 CZK (with beer tasting) 95 mins.

English language (available on request): 250 CZK (without beer tasting) 75 mins. / 350 CZK (with beer tasting) 95 mins.

Children and young people under the age of 15 are free. (This does not apply to groups of children visitors, where the entrance fee in Czech language is CZK 50).

For foreigners who take part in the tour in the Czech language, a text with an explanation in English or German is available. It is not necessary to make a booking for the regularly scheduled tours (Czech language). Only larger groups of more than 15 people require a reservation. Tickets are sold during the tour; they can only be purchased in advance as a gift voucher. Tours are paid in cash.

The tour starts at the well in front of the entrance, in bad weather in the entrance passage of the brewery.

Small Private tours in English can be booked by prior arrangement with our guide, Gavin, at tel: (+420) 777 599 814, or email:

Large Private tours and corporate group tours are available through price packages. It is possible to order a private date for a tour of the brewery outside the regularly scheduled tour times, but only for groups of 15 paying persons or more (or by arrangement).


Guided tours begin at the well in front of the brewery, and continue on to the Renaissance core of the brewery - the old malting floor and the hall of the former vertical air malting kiln. From there we visit the old brewing hall. Next, we climb to the first floor, where it is possible to see the interior of the Head Brewer's office, and then on to the former malt store, with its permanent exhibition on the history of the brewery, and the golden years of Czech brewing at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. After returning to the ground floor, we walk through the brewery courtyard and enter the brewery Refrigerator Building with its sandstone refrigerator halls. The tour ends with a visit to the current craft establishment with its new brew hall, logistics area and the lager cellar in the historic interior. Beer tasting takes place directly in the lager cellar.

It is cold in the brewery, so dress appropriately for the tour, including shoes with thick soles. Even in summer, the temperature in the cellars is around 12°C (54°F). In spring and autumn, however, the temperature drops significantly; we only heat the hall of the old brewery, today's bar, and the kitchen. Therefore, tours do not take place in the brewery in winter and early spring.

Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Brewery tour dates

April, May:
Saturday: 2.30 pm
June, September, October:
Saturday: 2.30 pm
Sunday: 2.30 pm
July, August:
Friday: 2.30 pm
Saturday: 2.30 pm
Sunday: 2.30 pm
January, February, March, November, December:

It is not necessary to make a booking for the regularly scheduled tours (Czech language). Only larger groups of more than 15 people or groups in English require a reservation.

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The ideal way to get to Lobeč for a beer, and get to know Kokořínsko better, is by bike or on foot. The “Blue” hiking trail from Mšeno (with its art-deco swimming pool) passes through the Lobeč Village Monument Zone, continuing through the beautiful landscape and forests to Nosálov (village monument reserve), and the lookout tower on Vrátenská Mountain (a dominant feature of the Kokořín region, 508 m above sea level) and on to Houska Castle. You can also travel to Lobeč by bike, for example, from Kokořínský důl (Pokličky and Kokořín Castle) along cycling route no. 0008. Other attractions in the area are the sandstone rock maze near Romanov (7 km), Bezděz Castle (13 km), Houska Castle (13 km), the village monument reserve Žďár (8 km), Mácha Lake (16 km) and in general the Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko and Mácha Region.


You can reach us by car on the 3rd class road “Mšeno - Doksy” via Mšeno (from Mělník, D8 Highway) or from Doksy. Additionally, from Mladá Boleslav or Benátky n. J. (D10) through the villages of Bezno and Vrátno. You can park in any of the three parking areas right next to the brewery.

Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

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Historie - Pivovar Lobeč
Historie - Pivovar Lobeč

Stop off for a beer

In the old brewing hall, you’ll find a taproom with beer on tap or in bottles.

More about the taproom